Growing Wildflowers on your Balcony

Wildflowers are are not only beautiful little plants, but also tough, adapted to surviving out in the wild with only nature to care for them.

This makes them a great choice for a balcony garden, which can experience harsh conditions including wind, heat, cold, and dry conditions.

They will also bring pollinators to your balcony - we have had bumblebees and hummingbirds visit this summer.

Wildflower seeds often come in mixes, 10 or more different flower seeds mixed together.  Chances are high that some of the wildflowers in these mixes will thrive under your own balcony’s conditions:  sun or shade, hot or cool, dry or wet.

Besides the seeds, you will also need a pot and soil.  We have had good success growing wildflowers in a self-watering container.  The soil doesn’t dry out as quickly, meaning that you won’t have to water every day.

Fill your container with soil (see our directions here) and then follow the seed packets instructions for planting.  Typically wildlflower seeds are sprinkled across soil and then lightly covered with only a thin layer of soil.  The soil is kept moist until they sprout.

This summer, we planted a pack of mixed wildflower seeds that my mom got in the mail from the Sierra Club.   Here are some pictures of the flowers that grew on our balcony.