Pre-Sprouting Peas for a Planter Box

To get a head start on the planter box garden, we tried pre-sprouting pea seeds.

The idea is that seeds sprout verrrry slowly in cold weather.  But if you put a pea seedling outside, it can handle cold temperatures and keep growing.

To pre-sprout pea seeds, we took our seeds (Oregon Sugar Pod Pea) and sprinkled them on a paper towel.  Then covered the seeds with another damp paper towel, folded it up, wet it a bit more, and put it into a clear glass container.

The peas were placed in the wet paper towels on a Friday (March 8), kept indoors at about 72 degrees, and by Monday (March 11) little rootlets had shot out.

When the rootlets appear, it’s best to plant in your planter box right away.  If you let the roots grow too long, they are more easily damaged during planting. These sprouts will be planted outside in City Picker and EarthBox self-watering containers on our balcony.